Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Race of Gentlemen

It's in our backyard.  See you there.  

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Symphony of Shrapnel

Of all things unholy and awesome comes the Symphony of Shrapnel.  Builds and conquests.  It's all twisted.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Asphalt Redemption

Whoa, two posts in two days on Rust is Gold!  All three and a half of you must be excited.  Check out Shane's blahg.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Who has time for internerding when it's nice outside.  That's my excuse.  Here's some randumbness!

summer cruise

Went to Acid show in AP.  It was fun.  
Dom and I rode out to the Mods and Rockers show in Philly.  We had very low expectations but I must admit we were pleasantly surprised.  Show was great with cool bikes, great people and some fashion models.

Beer was not free but it was good
I like riding with Dom because he's all business and German as me.    This photo is our Dunkirk moment for the day.

Dunkirk moment that ended the trip.   As usual...You just can't rewrite history. 

Duh, it's done.  Fo real.  

Bryan has a garage now.  It's an awesome pile.  Harleys and Triumphs will know what it's like to roast in the depth of the slor on this day let me tell you....???

My neighbor let his kids draw a picture of me in the street.  I was stoked.

MOM JEANS.  Yep, Bobby rocks the Mom jeans.    Rides his panhead in them.    

surf pow wow with my bro Rob.  

Bryan's garage, so they don't get confused.

preparing for Classic Cycles show in Frenchtown.  More on that soon.

You probably have all this with you if you ride Triumphs.  

Princeton NJ.  Resting on way to Frenchtown.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Triumph is killing me. Happens everytime.

Made my way over to Morris Magneto aka Morristown Cycle to pick up the mag. 
Put the mag on and sure enough it fired up on the first kick.  At this point, I was pretty happy.  Unfortunately, after running for a few, the left cyliner started smoking and then blowing oil.  I ripped the top end off and found the oil ring was shot.  Sucks but easy enough to fix.

 In the meantime, check out my friend Pat at Jersey Metal Shaping.  He makes custom sheet metal anything but specializes in panels for old cars.  If you have a Ford Roadster, you'll be psyched.

                                                The headlight is a Unity fog light off a 50's Ford.   

 If you read this horrible blog you might know this guy.  Congrats to him.  check out 

 ...and back on the road.  Shakedown runs are in process.  Retorque, fix this, fix that, endless leaks, throttle stuck wide open at one point...that was fun.  Stay tuned, next post nine months from now.