Friday, February 24, 2012


Got some bro's with projects that I'm pretty psyched on.  Check 'em out.  Oh, and see you tomorrow at 47 Industries!!!!

Shovelhead Sam is about to become Sportster Sam and still be Shovelhead Sam.  Shovelhead/Sportster Sam?  Hell Yeah! Chop that Fuckin' Sportster!

Keith picked up this '54 Panshovel.  You gotta love it when you go to look at a bike and it ends in a good deal for everybody.  The seller was so stoked he took a picture of the bike off the wall of his living room and gave it to us before we left.

Anthony is getting his chopper ready for Spring.  Hopefully, it won't die five times every mile or spray gas in his face while he's riding it anymore.  

Here's how you test your chopper in Hunterdon County...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FEB. 25: Unfinished Bike Show at 47 Industries

See you there!!


February 26th: Seaboard Swap Meet at the Penn Expo & Market in Pennsville (NJ). The hours are 8am-4pm. Vendor setup is at 6:30 am. Admission is $5.00 and Children under 12 free. Bring a pre 1978 motorcycle for display and get free admission. First 100 paid admission get a free beer cozy. Vendor spots are 10x10 $15, 10x20 $25. Bike corral $10. For information contact Lyle (609 859-1013 Swap meet flyer is available here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New parts.

I now have just about everything I need to finish the Triumph roller. I'm pretty sure that kick stand is essential. Would suck to have to lean the bike against buildings and shit everywhere I went (or maybe it would be cool, you know, like I'm too hip for kick stands . Maybe I could start a new motorcycle trend. There would be motorcycles all over Williamsburg and Asbury Park leaning up against stuff owned by dudes in tight jeans and flannels cruising around smoking cigs with yoga mats strapped to their sissy bars...I'm just gonna roll this right into Bond Street and lean it against the bar). But I digress. Sorry.

I ordered the wheel spacer from Troy-Fab up in Rhode Island. It's one of those things where you think, is it worth making my own or buying it for $38.  He ships right away and it's a nice quality piece made right here in the good old U.S.S. of A. I like that and the price is right.

Shitz custom yo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Old stock tommaselli matador clutch lever

Back to the triumph. Sometimes little parts make me so happy. On the drive home I would stop and look at it at every traffic light.

Full pipes

Found these yesterday. Sadly I was stopped by two cops five minutes after I took the photo. These pipes are visible from the road. Don't ask.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Giants win the Stupid Bowl! Week in review

Sunday I bailed on skating to put some serious time into the Triumph.  Dropping everything to skate has been a disease I've had since I was about 12 years old so it's painful to this day.  Anyway, six hours later I still had not made any progress on this bike.   Obviously, nothing will just bolt together.  This thing started as a pile of parts that Shane and I rescued from a barn in Lambertville.  Underneath the hay was a motor, three front ends, a pile of wheels and two frames plus a drum of parts.  The price was right so I bought the lot.  Some of the parts I used on my first Triumph build and some stuff I sold.  I was left with enough to almost piece together another bike.  Now I'm matching up a bunch of different years that don't bolt up.  Most of the stuff is nice vintage parts that I don't want to just murder and hack up so I've got to make them work.  So after a week I've finally put together a roller.  I've got an unknown 18" rear with a 4.50 Firestone Deluxe champion.  Vintage Spool hub with a 21" Avon Speedmaster that's dated 1987 (will be replaced).  I had to make an 5/8" axle to fit this hub and to fit a 71-72 Triumph front end that doesn't accept axle caps.  The trees are some mutant OIF Triumph with a just under 1" stem.  Came up with a strange bearing and spacer contraption that will make this work. I like the shaved aluminum lowers with the 21" wheels mounted on the 68' frame.  The bars and grips are just for pushing the roller around.  We'll see about that.  Bryan came to the rescue a few times when I needed my third arm that I had surgically removed.  Anyway, the Giants won the Stupid Bowl so I'm pretty stoked.  

Hello Firestone Deluxe Champion, again.
Mock up


Stopped by Shane's garage.  Would you touch those wrenches?  I wouldn't.

$2 Collingwood Flea Market tractor light.  

Powdered my oil tank.

Axle Rose

Split Lanes, Splattered Brains...

I heart aluminum gas tank.  Penton Wassell

Shane, this is for you.  Antique wingnut

Never leave home without big white

Metal Mulisha

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pleasure or pain?

287 Flat

smoked motor in Colts Neck
another flat! 
It seems I spend as much time pushing as I do riding.  This photo was taken during a ride to Scrapfest in Jackson.  This is the second flat I've had on a motorcycle.  This time I was going 40mph in a straight line when I noticed it, thank God.  A few years earlier I had a flat on my Honda doing 70mph on Route 287 North.  That was scary.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday-Skate Moss

You never know what's going to happen next in my shop.  This AR-10 came in needing a modification.  

Fun with Triumph front ends.  I'm putting a 71-72 front end on my 68 frame.  It's pretty easy once you have the bearings and spacers sorted out.  

Shaving fork legs in the lathe 
Skate Moss

skinny shaved british legs...sorta like Kate Moss circa 1991

Friday, February 3, 2012

Summer in New Jersey-Ocean Township Wreck Center

Ahh, summer in New Jersey.  I don't know why the trees look like that.  Maybe it's the fallout.
I think this guy is famous

Hell-er on wheels.  Literally.

Hockey ass!