Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ride to Skate, Memorial Day, East Coast Machine

Ride to Skate was epic.  I only shot a few photos but you get the idea.  It was an unbelievable showcase of motorcycles and cool stuff.  FDR is still the best skatepark on earth in my opinion.  If you can skate that place you can skate anything.  It's east coast roughness at it's finest.  Big thanks to Joe Zito and all the peeps that make this happen.  And big thanks to the dudes that built this Temple of Gnar.

Met Steve from East Coast Machine at FDR.  Real good dude.  Check out his blog for some east coast chopper creativity.

I went to Collingwood flea market to pick up some foam and spotted this MG34 at the Army/Navy store there.  I don't know about you but I love machine guns.  Not too often you get to check one out.  Some little kid was a historian on the thing.  Told me he learned it all from playing video games.  Needless to say, I wan't impressed, ha ha.

Shane and I went for a good ride on Memorial Day which ended with a gathering of the Speed Metal crew in Asbury.  Good times.  Yes, that is a Harley Davidson golf cart.  And that's cool.

When you ride Triumphs, you get oil on your back.  If you ride behind them, you get oil in your face.

It's slow going on my bike build due to work obligations and endless sunshine.  I did bend up this sissy bar out of stainless.  Hopefully, it'll hold a skateboard nicely.

as spotted on the GSP last night driving home from work.  Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

...and the Mets finally get a no hitter!  It only took 50 years.