Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ride to Skate 666. FDgnar. No excuses.

motorcycles, beer, cheesesteaks, pool block, no excuses.

Fender mounting and head steady. Ride to skate.

Gotta keep it tight, right?

Fancy bungs.  The coped angles were fun.

It's that time of year again.  Sunshine, motorcycles and small wave boards.  Twin fin Chris Birch on left and higher performance three fin by Rich Price on right.  

My cat got mad skillz, yo

I was driving into work when I noticed this graffiti on the landlord's office.  Draw your own conclusions. 

Stainless headsteady.  Really industrial.  I like it.  Too bad you really won't see it when the tank is on.

I plasma cut some engine mounts.  I'll powdercoat them later.

Remember, ride to skate at FDR this sunday.  See you there.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Triumph progress. Updates

Damn, I forgot to update the blog.  I just realized it's been over a month.  Well, I've been busy.  Work, house, riding, skating and we actually had waves again.  I've also been in the shop working on Kate Moss (the Triumph).

Remember that blocked sludge trap?  

 New sludge trap

Nice Rods!

New bearings all around.  Heat up the cases and it's easy like sunday morning.

New Valves and springs and fresh valve job

Took a break to go Skate Fairfield in April.  This is the only photo I took.  Since I forgot to post in April...happy belated 420, dude.

Fresh trans build

Took a break to ride my shovel for the first time since last year.  New S&S, new tires, new fishtails, full on king of the highway old man status.

New clutch basket.  Yep, there's 20 little roller bearings in there.  Didn't know that.  It was fun crawling around on the floor.

Primary.  all fresh.

.60 over pistons.  I'm glad those stupid plastic rulers finally came in handy.

Took a break to hit up the antique market.  Found these beauties.  These are books for those who don't know.  Sorry for the sideways pic.  Just lie on your side for a second.

The unholiest of unholiest is when you're building your motor and you drop something small and metal in the case.  Let's just say that happened.  So, you gotta shake the bottom end around until it moves from under the crank and then go fishing with the magnet.

Took a break to read the Spanish newspaper.

And there it is.  Almost ready.